We are an agency specializing in Japanese art.

“Japan brand” has been appreciated around the world over the past decades. Japanese car, robotics, manga, animated film, and even food have been world’s center of attention for a long time. However, we have been feeling that there are so many underrepresented areas: Especially “art”.

We realized that it is partially because Japanese artists tend to stay inside. Geographically, Japan is an isolated island, so Japanese mentality tends to stay inside the island. Another reason is the language. Japanese people in general struggle in communicating with the people outside.

So Radian Star Art agency has decided to be the bridge between the gaps. There are so many talented Japanese artists, but they are not known outside Japan only because of these geographical, cultural, and language gaps.

We are getting more and more supporters for this project. Some are art curators based in different parts of the world. Others are powerful investors who are working globally.

It is still a new project, but we believe that our business would change the way Japanese art has been seen in the world.

Focus on Quality

“Japanese art” can contain many different things: Fine art, illustration, fashion, product design, architecture, etc. But what we would like to be focused is “Quality”. Our intention is not that we bring everything that Japan offers, which is impossible. What we are doing is to bring the best that Japan could offer. We are focused on quality.

We have a research team composed of professionals in the fields, and we check out all types of art exhibitions, events, etc. We have many discussions and try to select the best among the best.

Where we are

Our main partner’s office is based in Paris, France, and our Japanese office is in Kawasaki. We believe that Paris is a great place to start this project as there are already so much interest in Japanese art. French are always very curious about Japanese culture, and there are so many Japanese restaurants, and people are surrounded by Japanese manga and anime. Our plan is to expand our business from Paris, and aiming at reaching London, Stockholm, Berlin, New York, and San Fransisco in the near future by collaborating with our friends around the world.