Crossing the Frontiers of Tradition and Innovation – The Beauty and Soul of Japanese Creation Japanese art exhibition in London hosted by Radiant Star Art agencyJapan-based Radiant Star Art agency LLC hosted “The Beauty and Soul of JapaneseCreation” at two venues in London starting on October 16, 2017.

Sixteen Japanese artists and artisans exhibited various works including traditional arts and crafts, modern artworks, as well as subculture works which characterize modern-day Japan.

While today’s Japanese creation incorporates tradition, the exhibitions also included a new wave of creators who have reinterpreted the tradition by reflecting the changes of time in their works.

Many of the artworks presented at the exhibition differ from the Japanese sceneries, animals, and plants typically associated with Japanese creation, but they convey and include the traditional sensibility and elaborate techniques that are unique to Japanese artists and artisans.

Sensitivity, Shosa or grace, and a deep sense of aesthetics – all this profoundness and technique applied by Japanese creators were exhibited for those who love art in London.